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I am committed to helping individuals find more balance within themselves and in their lives.  I believe that the pathway to healing and transformation is through honoring and integrating all aspects of ourselves: mind, body, and spirit.  I would love to hear from you on how I have impacted your journey.  Please click here to share your feedback. See below to read what others have shared

"I have known Judith for many years as a yoga student and teacher and as a friend. Judith radiates love and acceptance and understanding... in other words, she is her True Self. She is graceful and grateful in her words and actions, which is infectious. Judith inspires me to explore new approaches to not be inhibited to move freely and to express myself fully and confidently. Judith, I am blessed to have you and your love in my life. Thank you!" - Cathy C.

"Working with Judy has helped me to make changes in my life that I never thought were possible. Together we have discovered patterns and behaviors, which were entwined so deeply in my being for so long that I didn’t know they were there. In the most kind and supportive ways, Judy has been an advocate, she has challenged my beliefs, she has pushed me closer to my potential exactly when I needed it and allowed me to slow down when it was the right thing for me. As I have navigated the unknown waters of self-reflection and growth for the past six years, Judy has been a steady guide always encouraging, supportive, empathetic, and insightful. What a blessing to have Judy by my side in this journey." - J.L.

"Judy has been such a gift to me in my healing journey. Her workshops are absolutely amazing! Combining poetry, guided meditation, expressive art, yoga, movement, deep breathing, and laughter, these workshops have brought a new dimension to my life. Judy deeply respects my belief in God, and allows me to bring God into the sessions. I have experienced a lot less depression and anxiety than I did before taking part in the workshops. I look forward with great anticipation to each one, wondering what each new theme will be. Thank you, Judy, for the wonderful privilege of being a part of your awesome workshops!" - Jane G. (Allentown)

"Judy's yoga sessions truly are for Mind, Body & Spirit! Not only does your Body get a workout, but Judy helps you clear your Mind, refocus and be present in the moment, and then refreshes your Spirit with a poem or thought for the day! Relaxing and energizing!" - Lynda W. (Macungie)


"I am 67 and this is my first introduction to Yoga in all those years.  I have been blissfully married for 46 wonderful years and have been very active in organizations and in sports and in raising a beautiful family.  I have 5 grandchildren who are the apples of my eye and who bring sunshine into my life every day.


My husband and I have been blessed a hundred fold over the years, and together we have always managed to climb every mountain that appeared in our path, but several years ago we encountered a mountain that has grown higher and more jagged and more formidable with every passing day.  My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Living with Alzheimer’s and being a caregiver is more trying both mentally and physically than I had anticipated, but loving a person with Alzheimer’s is having your heart broken every single day  -  multiple times every day.  It is a disease that takes the “we” out of a relationship and leaves the “I” to cope with a loved one who disappears little by little day by day.  Eventually it makes one realize that all the shards being created by your shattering heart might shatter other things in your life too.


It is at that point that I began to look for something to try to hold the “I” together.  One of those things for me is Yoga led by you.


My classes with you have somehow given me some glue to begin to mend my heart and to strengthen my resolve to help my husband and myself through this.  It is helping me in so many ways to calm the anxiety of daily tasks and to begin to find the person I used to be.  The breathing, the centering, the calming movements all are making me feel stronger both physically and mentally. 


I realized that I had moved away from exercising and keeping myself physically strong and Yoga is helping me to reawaken those sleeping muscles and to rejuvenate my lung capacity and once again to move oxygen into my body and blood.  This will be instrumental in giving me a smooth transition into once again participating in activities such as golfing, cycling and cardio classes.


Also, the way in which you lead the class has resonated with me.  Your words; the images you create and encourage us to envision for ourselves; the soft reminders for us to move at our own pace; the suggestions for us to be aware of our breathing and our bodies, from toes to fingers to the top of our heads; the care you show for the reactions each of us might be feeling; the poems you share with us at the end of session.  All have made the Yoga experience deeper and more meaningful and more helpful to me.


Thank you for introducing me to this marvelous and mystical activity which can continue to calm and center me from now on." - EB


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