Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Yoga Teacher, LifeForce
Yoga® Practitioner


Psychotherapy offers a safe and warm environment for individuals to sort through and find solutions to their challenges.  

Individuals develop a deeper understanding of their symptoms and learn more effective techniques in which to manage them, providing an overall increase in control over themselves and their lives. 

My treatment specialties are: 

          • Anxiety/Stress
          • Transition/Adjustment challenges

          • Depression
          • Relationship challenges
          • Trauma
          • Addictions



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Dancing in deLight

I created Dancing in deLight sessions through a growing awareness in my work as a holistic therapist. As I held a sacred container for my clients I realized over time the deep need for others to feel that their e-motions (energy in motion) are not only ok but a vital part of their healing journey. I found that this piece was most challenging for those who were already following some form of spiritual path, especially for those offering spiritual healing services to others. I felt an inner calling to serve as the conduit in bridging psychology and spirituality in order to harmonize the energetic polarities in which we perceive, experience and embody shadow and light—to feel joy and reverence in ALL aspects of this sacred spectrum.

The Dancing in deLight session is tailored toward your unique needs and desires and is communicated between us before our session. Although some structure is provided (described below), it is intuitively created and guided “in the moment” as the session unfolds. My intention for our session is to assist you in allowing, embracing and harmonizing dense energy through a creative movement process. Although some of these movements have been inspired by my training as a yoga teacher and LifeForce Yoga ® practitioner (i.e. pranayama, asanas, bhavanas, mudras, mantras), we will allow for the expansion and embodiment of your own vibrant sacred dance of authenticity to guide us, providing a sacred space for the deepening of intimacy within yourself. The session embodies an essence of “ceremony” to assist in enhancing your experience.

Below is an overview of your 90 minute session:

          • Initial grounding meditation to create a sacred space
          • A short poetic reading from the “Book of Qualities” by
          J. Ruth Gendler based on the experience of ALL human
          qualities (assists in allowing the creativity to dance
          through your fingers and also provides a softening
          into the quality)

Creating an intuitive art piece that envelops
          your inner-sense of the quality and is then placed
          in the center altar space (sharing of your art piece
          is encouraged though not required)

Deeper centering meditation to begin integration of
          your art/quality

Creative movement practice to further integrate the
          human quality (the format flow is similar to a yoga
          or LifeForce Yoga ® practice)

Free-flowing sacred dance honoring ALL aspects of YOU 

Each step of the session practice deepens the process of integration of the human quality or aspect of “Being HU-man” and becomes a deLight-full CEREMONY and CELEBRATION of Self-expression, Self-honor and Self-love through art, poetry and movement—your own unique and enriching Sacred Dance of Authenticity.

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Yoga provides the vessel in which to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  It includes breathwork, allowing individuals to feel both energized and calm, as well as an overall internal deep sense of well-being. 

Yoga also includes postures that provide enhanced flexibility and openness in the body, and the release of constricted areas that are often the result of chronic stress, anxiety, and/or depression.  As a result, it enhances the therapeutic process by deepening the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

LifeForce Yoga®

LifeForce Yoga was developed by Amy Weintraub, MFA, E-RYT 500.  While its benefits are similar to yoga, Amy integrates breathwork, postures, mantras (specific sounds), mudras (specific hand gestures), and bhavanas (supporting images) into her practice. 

Amy collaborated with mental health professionals and designed LifeForce Yoga to specifically aide in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma, offering a deep sense of inner peace, safety, connection, and wholeness.

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